This could be the best holiday of your life.

The holidays are such an interesting time. On one hand, they have
the potential for the most meaningful and miraculous moments…

…and on the other hand, they can be the most crazy-making, hectic,
painful, and downright depressing time of the year!

But one thing is for certain. For most people, they are not neutral.
These times are potent with power —

The power to pull us deeper.
The power to open our heart wider.
The power to take our Spirit higher.

So don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your life, to
let go of the old, and to welcome in something new, something more.

The esoteric meaning of Christmas is the Christ mass, or the mass
celebration of the Christ.

But the Christ isn’t a person, it’s a Power. A power within each
and every one of us.

It’s the same power that Buddha discovered, the same power that
Lao-tse discovered. The same power all the great mystics have known.

It’s even the same power that the greatest artists, inventors and
leaders have tapped into to transform our world.

And it tends to be more available at this time, because of all the
focus on it — which means that you have an opportunity here.

While many others are fretting about last-minute shopping and
worrying about not blowing their diets, or fighting with family…

…you can set an intention to connect with this power within you.

It doesn’t matter what you call it — just call it your Higher Self.
The key is to call it forth as the activity of your life.

Make a commitment this season to let go and let this awesome power
of love, life, and creativity live your life completely!

Make a commitment this season to let the past go, let all the
mistakes go, forgive everyone and everything and let it go!

And let your highest Self, your greatest Self, the Self that came
to fulfill a mighty purpose — be born in the manger of your soul.

It doesn’t matter what’s happened before. It doesn’t matter what
the world has said about you, or about what’s possible…

Right now in this moment, and through this holy-day season, you
can begin again. You can make all things new.

You can start living the life you were born for.

This isn’t merely some sweet sentiment, this is the Truth about you.

I encourage you to take some quiet time during these last days of
the year, and reflect on what has been…and what is yet to come.

For all the areas where you have seen challenge, ask for the gift,
the message, the lesson, or the blessing in it.

For all the areas where you’ve experienced opportunity and good,
count your blessings and be grateful.

For all the people who seem to have done you wrong, be willing to
forgive them — for they were only believing their limited thoughts.

For all the ways in which you seem to have done others wrong,
forgive yourself — for you were believing your thoughts too.

Give thanks for your whole year, and open up to the New Year.

Ask that Power within: “What is the highest vision for my life in
general, and in the New Year? What’s trying to emerge through me?”

And listen deeply.

Then ask: “What talents, gifts, and abilities do I already have to
fulfill the great vision for my life?”

And listen patiently.

Finally ask: “How must I change, what must I release, embrace, or
become in consciousness to be a place where this vision can emerge?”

And listen lovingly.

Then write down your vision. Create a plan. And resolve to move in
the direction of your dreams like never before.

Thank you for being you, and for being part of this community.

Have a wonder-filled holiday season!

Peace & Blessings,



I want to encourage you to take advantage of the wave of
energy that sweeps across the country — and even the world —
during these holidays (holy days), starting with the American
holiday of Thanksgiving.

Whether you celebrate it or not, it’s always a good time to become
more aware of what you’re grateful for, to count your blessings,
and to offer thanksgiving for everything in your life.

This isn’t just a nice thing to do, it’s a powerful practice that
can radically transform your life on every level. The reason is that
what you appreciate…appreciates. What you give thanks for expands.

There’s a scriptural statement that says, “To he who has, more shall
be given, and to he who has not, even that which he has shall be
taken away.”

This is a powerful mystical truth that recognizes the fact that
what we put our attention on, expands. Energy flows where our
attention goes. So if we’re focusing on what is lacking, we will
actually create more experience of ‘lacking’ — because that’s
what we’re focusing on.

But if we focus on being grateful for what we ‘have’, even if it’s
seemingly insignificant, we will manifest more ‘having’. When we’re
grateful, we create more experiences to be grateful for. It’s just
the way the law of mind works.

What’s also important to understand, from the perspective of the
Law of Emergence, is that gratitude is one of the most powerful
conditions to create for our greater emergence. When you live in a
state of gratitude, you create the fertile conditions for your
greater potential to unfold, because you literally become the kind
of person you would be if that potential came true.

So I encourage you to take some time this week to make a few lists:

1. I am grateful for…

Start back as far as you can remember, and catalog everything you
are grateful for. If you’re really courageous, I encourage you to
look even at those so-called bad experiences in the past to see
how they led to ‘good’ things in the present. That will not only
increase your gratitude, but powerfully accelerate your evolution.

2. I have…

List everything, inside and out, that you have of value. It could
be, “I have some gratitude right now,” “I have 10 dollars in my
wallet,” “I have intelligence,” “I have a roof over my head,” “I
have talent as XYZ.” When you run out of things to list, write 10

3. I’m capable of / I can…

In the pursuit of our dreams, we so often focus on what we’re not
capable of, or what we can’t do…as if that will somehow help us
improve — but it usually keeps us stuck. Instead, take time to
focus on all the things you ARE capable of and CAN do in the
direction of your goals and dreams — no matter how small. And
then do them! You will be amazed at what shows up next.

4. Successes / Achievements…

Starting as far back as you can, list all the things you’ve
achieved and were successful at. Then each day, write a list of
at least 10 things you achieved or succeeded at. It can be as simple
as “I got out of bed,” or “I brushed my teeth.”


I call these the Night Pages, and encourage you to make a practice
of journaling on each of these topics every night before bed. As
this new way of thinking and feeling becomes integrated and
embodied, it will transform your life — guaranteed.

If you haven’t already gotten a copy of my book, “There’s No
Business Like Soul Business,”
I go into even more detail on this
process. You can get the book now as an ebook here.

Either way, if you just do what I’ve listed here, you’ll be well
on your way to making every day a thanksgiving holiday.

Until next time, Stay Inspired!


There is a disease in the Western World, and it’s called Self-Improvement. Our greatest sense of inadequacy is not linked to our lack of something or inability to achieve something, it’s linked to our belief that we’re not already whole and complete.

A baby doesn’t suffer from inadequacy. It can’t walk, it can’t talk, it can’t eat on its own, it even needs someone else to wipe its butt! And yet it’s perfect, and it knows it.

And then something starts happening. It does something and the parent says ‘no’ or ‘you can’t do that’ or ‘bad baby’. And it begins to get the idea that maybe it’s less than perfect. Little by little, it begins to adjust its behavior to accommodate the big people, to continue getting fed, clothed, housed, and loved – creating this false persona that believes it’s inadequate.

And as it grows up, it is bombarded by media and messages from every direction, telling it that it needs to improve itself in some way, either by trying a new diet, buying a new car, getting the right clothes, going to the right school, or joining the right group — all with the promise that if it follows these directives it will be happy and whole and loved by all.

Along the way, some of us realize that this is insane and damaging to us, so we look for a way to cure this brainwashing we’ve undergone.

Enter self-improvement.

It seems obvious and innocent enough. If we’re feeling bad, unhappy, worn-out, and beaten down by the world and its messages, what we need is something to pick us up, patch us up, buff us up, and polish us until we shine.

The problem is that the underlying premise of most self-help — consciously or not –- is that we actually are wounded, broken, or less-than-perfect, and need to improve ourselves in order to be whole and happy.

In other words, it’s the same belief-system that drives the media madness and its insane messages — just re-packaged under the more appealing label of self-improvement. And so just when we think we’ve finally gotten out…it pulls us back in again.

Using self-improvement to become truly free and fulfilled is like trying to dig yourself out of a hole. The more you try, the deeper into all the dirt you get.

The problem is that this ‘self’ it’s trying to improve doesn’t actually exist. It’s a false persona, a fictional character.

God (or whatever term you prefer) didn’t create it and, I’m sorry to tell you, God doesn’t know anything about it. God only created images and likenesses of Itself. After all, God being God and all, It can’t create anything but that which it is — which is perfect.

Does God need self-improvement?

It’s a fallacy, it’s a defense mechanism. And the biggest problem with it is it doesn’t really work. Even when we manage to improve this pseudo-self, we often end up feeling more anxious and stressed – feeling increased pressure to keep propping up this self-image that, deep down, we know is false.

We get a bigger house, but feel even less at home. We get a bigger paycheck, but just feel broke at a higher income bracket. We get a slimmer body, but when we look in the mirror we still see a fat person – or live in fear that the ‘fat person’ will take over again.

I say enough with self-improvement. It’s one of the biggest shams the ego has pulled on humanity. It started perhaps with the erroneous idea of Original Sin — and we’ve been trying to improve ourselves out of that mistaken identity for centuries!

Let’s start The Self-Acceptance Movement.

I mean radical acceptance. I mean right here, right now, accepting that we are enough, more than enough, that we are already whole complete perfect beings. I don’t mean that spiritually we’re whole even if materially we’re still screwed up – I mean that whatever our lot is right now, we’re good enough.

If you’re fat, start loving the fat person. Really loving them, understanding them, cherishing them, discovering the gifts they bring, no longer trying to change them from a place of seeing them as a problem. If you end up changing, fine. But not from a place of seeing it as a problem. If in your radical self-love and acceptance you start craving more healthful foods, so be it.

If you’re a selfish jerk, love the jerk in you. Seek to understand him, not to change him. And you will discover that he is a blessing in disguise. He will become your friend and ally, and give you greater strength — and ironically no longer need to be a jerk to get your attention.

If you see a problem in the world, love it until you see it as a gift, a blessing. And if, from that place, you are moved into action, beautiful. Then it will be right action, free of resistance and judgment. It won’t create new karma.

The fact is, a great deal of our do-gooding in the world, because it is really a reaction to fear and anger and a sense of limitation, actually perpetuates and exacerbates the very problems we’re trying to solve.

It’s all about consciousness, inner intention. If your actions come from a place of wholeness, then more wholeness is what you’ll create. If they come from a place of fear, anger, or lack, then no matter how seemingly good they are, they are sowing seeds of future pain and limitation.

This isn’t opinion, it’s law. Cause and effect is not merely about the physical actions, but about the underlying energy behind them – which is the real action operated upon by the creative principle of life.

It has been said that ‘the kingdom of heaven is at hand’ and that we are ‘made in the image and likeness of God.’ I believe that these are statements of Truth, not wishful thinking. And that our greatest problem is that we are Kings and Queens who have been dreaming that we’re beggars and thieves.

So stop it already!

In Genesis, it says that a great sleep fell upon Adam and Eve. But nowhere does it say they woke up. Get it? We never fell from the Garden — we’ve just been dreaming that we did.

Is it just me, or do you hear the alarm clock going off too?

What do you say, we stop hitting the snooze button and wake up.

You are divine. You are beautiful and powerful beyond your wildest dreams – and you are literally standing in paradise right now. If we’re not seeing this, then that’s where our work is. It’s not about improving ourselves or the world, but in seeing the magnificence that is already here, that we already are – then acting from that vision.

As we do, that new state of consciousness is automatically clothed in new forms. True wisdom unfolds. Right action becomes inevitable. And a new world cannot help but emerge – a world that works for the highest good of all.

To Your Emergence!


As I was meditating yesterday, a deepening realization of Reality came upon me. What I could see was that Reality or The Real is changeless. It isn’t evolving, it wasn’t better in the past and won’t get better in the future — it simply IS, has always been, and forever will be.

And it’s Perfect beyond words, thoughts, and imagination. Perfect Life, Perfect Love, Perfect Peace, Perfect Joy, etc.

What we call reality — every thought, feeling, word, action, and form — is a relative expression of this Infinite Perfection. That doesn’t make it bad or unworthy, it just makes it ‘not reality’. It is a mental picture, projected onto the screen of our mind and experience.

And then it became clear that our suffering and limitation stems from our identification with the ‘pictures’ of reality instead of identifying with Reality Itself. In other words, we have a material sense of life (which includes mental, emotional, physical), and we invest our heart, mind, and body into it, believing that’s what’s real, that’s what matters.

The problem is, the world of appearances is ALWAYS changing. It is literally flickering on and off every nano-second, never the same. So becoming attached to it is like trying to anchor our boat by tying it to a killer whale as it thrashes through the water. There is no real stability, no real safety or security. Likewise, identifying with it is like drawing a picture of ourselves in the sand, during a raging storm, and trying to keep it there while believing that the sand image is us.

This world of changes isn’t real; it isn’t our real home, the body we see isn’t our real body, the face we see isn’t our real face, and the relationships we see aren’t the real relationships. It is all a relative expression of Infinite Perfection, and sometimes it’s a downright distortion of the Truth. So to the extent that we are invested in it, identified with it, or in any way making our peace, joy, and fulfillment dependent on it, we are setting ourselves up to be taken on a wild ride that ultimately must end in failure and the experience of losing everything we thought was real.

This is what I believe is meant by the biblical passage:

“For he that sows to his own flesh, shall reap corruption from the flesh; but he that sows to the Spirit, from the Spirit shall reap eternal life,” Galatians 6:8

It’s not merely talking about ‘sins of the flesh’ such as sensual pleasures, but rather sowing to the ‘material sense’ of life, sowing to the world you can see, touch, taste, hear. Because it’s always changing, always arising and passing away, if you think that’s your real life, home, or body, then you will experience the ultimate corruption and death of everything you hold dear.

It’s also the deeper meaning of this passage:

“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.”

If you sow to the Spirit, to this inner realm of changeless Reality (the Kingdom of Heaven within), and begin to invest, attach, and identify with it, you will be tying your boat to a mooring that never moves, to an center that is never shaken no matter how much the earth trembles. You will come to know your Image as the very Image and Likeness of God that no storm can ever blow away. You will begin living in the “secret place of the Most High, under the shadow of the Almighty, where no hurt nor harm can come nigh your dwelling place.”

This may seem abstract, but I believe it’s about investing in these eternal qualities that never perish; love, peace, joy, beauty, generosity. Making the realization, embodiment, and expression of those our top priority. Understanding that in all we do, it’s ultimately about some degree of realization and expression of one of these spiritual qualities of being. This includes the qualities of spiritual health or wholeness and spiritual supply or abundance — neither of which are material.

To the degree that I’ve become more identified with some of these qualities, in that degree have I noticed that when the external pictures begin to shake, rattle, and roll, there is a part of me that remains rooted in the Real, aware that all is well no matter what happens on the surface. This, I believe, is the ‘peace that passeth human understanding.’ A peace that the world can’t give us.

I also believe that as we become more rooted in the real, more identified with this world and self that never changes, we will no longer be tempted to react from fear of loss, to lower our standards, to do things we don’t want to ‘just to survive’, and instead will be set free to be who and what we really are; to live our true destiny of greatness and be the change we want to see in the world. We’ll have the courage to be, do, say, and create whatever it takes to make a positive difference, because we’ll be living from a place where the world can’t take anything away from us.

As Einstein said, “Arrows of hate have been shot at me too; but they never hit me, because somehow they belonged to another world, with which I have no connection whatsoever.”

I encourage you to begin turning within and ‘seeking first the kingdom of heaven’, the realm of the Real, and becoming more and more interested in investing in, identifying with, and living for these eternal qualities of your being that never change. Then watch as your life becomes more centered, and the infinite potential of your being begins to emerge.

To Your Emergence!


I had a powerful insight tonight that I just had to share. I was grappling with some ‘problems’ in my life as I sat in meditation, when all of a sudden the thought bubbled up — ‘you have no problems’ — and with it there was this sudden shift of perspective. Whereas before the shift, I was identified with my ego/personality and focused on the problem and how to solve it, in the next instant I was more identified with the Self that is infinite and eternal, of which the ego is but a relative expression.

And from that perspective, all that existed, all that I was, was an infinite perfect idea of wholeness, abundance, aliveness, creativity, etc. And the ‘problems’ were nothing but the relative beliefs/concepts about my life and the world. In other words, I was the Oak and the so-called problems were the acorn shell. And what were perceived as problems were just the acorn shell cracking as my larger oak-ness emerged, and the extent to which I was holding onto the limited acorn-identity.

All seeming problems are just symptoms of the larger You trying to emerge. They’re the baby kicking inside the womb, the morning sickness, the labor pains — all of which aren’t problems but signs of something trying to be born, and the necessary changes that make you an instrument through which it can come through. From this larger perspective then, the ‘practice’ is to take our attention away from the so-called problems and begin to contemplate, appreciate, and prepare the way for this momentous occassion.

We can’t solve our problems, and we don’t need to, anymore than the oak needs to solve the problem of the cracking — and ultimately dying — acorn shell. Instead, our full attention is being called to focus on and identify with the larger Self seeking to emerge. As we do, problems aren’t solved, they’re dissolved as we evolve. We stop asking ‘what’s wrong?’ ‘how can I fix/solve this?’ and instead ask ‘what new, larger expression of Me is trying to emerge?’ ‘How can I more fully let/allow this larger Self, this Greater Good to emerge through and as me?’

If you ask ‘what’s wrong?’ you’ll get all kinds of answers that tap you back into the smaller, limited, outdated self, and keep you stuck in that small perception and limited experience — until the pain of the larger Self emerging forces you to let go one way or another, usually through suffering. But if you ask what’s trying to emerge and how can you allow it, you’ll let go of the resistance, become a larger space, and watch as your life is expanded to reveal more and more of your greater potential.

From now on, whenever you’re confronted with a seeming-problem, ask what new/greater dimension of you is trying to emerge and how you can more fully allow it. Affirm to yourself, “I have no problems. All problems are symptoms of my larger Self trying to emerge. I keep my attention on the good unfolding within me and say ‘yes! Bring it on!’

To Your Emergence!


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It’s interesting to contemplate the question, “Who were you before your parents were born?” Then to ask “where do my current values, desires, goals come from?”

Are they from your parents, schooling, society, or do they come from that pure, unconditional place within you? Are they a reaction to a limited sense of self?

Perhaps somewhere along the way, you bought into a belief that you were lacking in some way, or that the world was, and out of that sense of lack, low self-esteem, or fear, you adopted a value system to cope with it, adapt to it, cover it up, or fill up the seeming hole. It wasn’t your real value system, but a defense structure built over it to deal with your experience of the world. And you’ve been living from that ever since.

I’ve discovered over the last year that many of my values weren’t really mine, but were inherited from family and society; that when I got really still and clear, and created a gap between the beliefs and stories in my mind that I had identified with versus the Self behind or before those beliefs and stories, the values of materialism, acquisition, worldly success, etc. were actually added onto me from my upbringing and weren’t really intrinsic.

It was out of my experience of lack, which created a belief that I was missing something, that I developed the value of ‘getting more stuff’. It was out of my experience of pain, which developed self-esteem issues, that I adopted a value of achieving to increase my sense of self (a self that was actually fine already).

The truth, however, is that who you really are is already whole, complete, and perfect before you arrive here. Just as the acorn doesn’t come here to achieve an oak tree or self-improve its way to oak-hood (because it knows it’s already the oak!), you’re not here to add something to yourself, fix yourself, or even to improve yourself — you’re here to discover and reveal the infinite, eternal Self that you already are — that perfect Idea held in the Mind of Universal Intelligence.

As a scriptural passage says, “Be ye not conformed to the world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Our daily experiences and challenges offer us opportunities to purify our mind and heart, to let go of the false concepts and limited beliefs, so that who and what we really are can emerge.

Just as Michelangelo saw the completed David as already existing in the block of marble, then chipped away everything that wasn’t it, we are called to recognize the completed masterpiece that is our life, hidden in this block of mortal stone, then let go of everything that isn’t it — including all the beliefs and values and ideas we’ve adopted from society that aren’t deeply true for us.

Give it a look, and let me know what you find.

Stay Inspired!


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Just returned from a 10-day silent Vipassana retreat. Something like 18 hours a day of meditation. No talk, no phone, no email, no internet, no nothin’! Just me and my consciousness. Powerful insights. All of which I know will probably sound like cliches. But they’re not when you’re having them anew.

There was the realization that the whole universe has conspired to produce every bite of food (just trace back the ultimate origins of everything on your plate, including your plate, and you’ll see it’s true), that every idea in the universe is represented in everything (again, trace back the origins of every idea that went into creating whatever you’re contemplating and you’ll see for yourself), that life truly is love loving itself into ever-expanding expression, that life is a totally perfect support system, that life is total abundance — and that I AM this Life celebrating Itself in pure ecstasy.

What I could see so clearly was that there was this Grand Idea, the Godhead, that was already perfect, whole, and complete, and infinite beyond comprehension. It isn’t evolving. It IS. But as it unfolds as individual consciousness, it appears as an infinite variety of sub-ideas and systems that manifest as the universe, the world, the people — and all of our desires to be more, do more, and have more. From our human perspective we think we are lacking and need something, but it’s really the Something That We Already Are seeking to emerge.

I believe this is the true meaning of what Jesus meant when he said that the kingdom of heaven was at hand now, but having eyes you see it not and having ears you hear it not. And that it is not ‘lo here or lo there’ but it is within us, within our consciousness. When we judge by our material senses, we are tricked into believing things are separate and evolving, but when we move from eyesight to insight and see with our soul-senses, we glimpse a Reality that is already whole, complete, and perfect, just awaiting our conscious recognition to activate it into emergence. This is the true essence of The Law of Emergence, something that I have been talking about for a few years (you can check out the free ecourse at

Oh, yeah, I also made friends with some trees, ants, and a fly.

When you get still enough, everything becomes a portal into infinity, and everything becomes a friend, even the pain and seeming-problems. You realize it’s all showing up to help you become a master, to dissolve the personal sense of ‘I’, and liberate you into an awareness of the Self that you have before the ‘story of you’.

Then I came back to like 1500 emails! Talk about a rough re-entry!

To Your Emergence!


…The way IN is the way out.

During these difficult times, people are scrambling in every direction to try and solve their problems. The problem is, most of the methods they’re using are just the same old things dressed up in different clothes; most of them are like re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic!

As Gandhi said, we must become the change we want to see in the world. This includes the changes we want to see in our personal world, whether it’s a new job, relationship, greater wealth, health, or more creativity. And that requires an inside-out approach.


It’s called THE LAW OF EMERGENCE: a Revolutionary Principle for Achieving Your Full Potential. And I’m teaching it at Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, CA (home of Michael Beckwith, of The Secret and Oprah fame).

It’s 4 Saturdays, from 2-5pm, starting January 9, 2010. You can check it out here:

In a nutshell, the Law of Emergence is a principle that exists in nature and has been used by the greatest mystics, healers, inventors, artists, scientists, and leaders throughout history — sometimes without them knowing it. It’s based on the idea that, just as the oak already exists in the acorn awaiting the proper outer conditions for its emergence — your greatest Self already exists in you, waiting for the right INNER conditions for Its emergence.

The most powerful aspect of this is that it doesn’t matter what your life experience has been, how much time or money you think you’ve wasted, or what the world says is possible for you — when you create the right inner conditions, your destiny of greatness MUST emerge. This can also be applied to a business, a family, a relationship, or an individual project — to acualize the highest potential in every area.

This isn’t hyperbole, it’s law.

Don’t buy into all the fear, all the naysayers and doomsdayers — the rampant belief in lack, limitation, and impending disasters. None of that has to be the law of your life. When you activate the Law of Emergence, your life will become a powerful example of what’s possible. You won’t be a follower, you’ll become a leader; you won’t look to anyone or anything outside of you for your good, because you’ll know that you carry it with you wherever you go — an unlimited supply of wealth, wisdom, and power.

Here’s the link to the info page at the Agape Website:

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I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling really enthusiastic about the possibilities for the New Year. Whenever the world ‘out there’ seems to be in a state of chaos or turmoil, there is always a more powerful potential for transformation and greater success. During the greatest economic crises, many millionaires (and billionaires in today’s dollars) have been created. Likewise, in the most challenging times, some of the greatest discoveries, inventions, and innovations have emerged.

Individually, it is also during our darkest nights and in our darkest areas, that the greatest potential for insight, growth, and expansion exists. So wherever you are right now, or whatever you believe is possible based on what’s happening in the world or what others are saying — right now is one of the most powerful times to go beyond your ‘known self’, beyond all limitation, and have a major breakthrough.

Are you with me?

Are you willing to go from breakdown to breakthrough?

Then join me and other like-minded people at this 4-week workshop, THE LAW OF EMERGENCE, where you’ll discover your deeper purpose like never before, release lifelong blocks that have been holding you back, and begin living your destiny of greatness.

Many of the ideas, information, and processes we’ll be doing will be unlike anything you’ve done before. It goes well beyond the Law of Attraction. In fact, it’s like the Secret on steroids.

This is the real ‘stimulus package’ — stimulating your true inner wealth, worth, and genius.

And at $97 for 4 weeks (about 12 hours of course time), that’s only an $8 an hour investment in yourself!

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(please read at least the previous post to understand this multi-part post. Thanks!)

Traditional religion teaches us that we are at the whim of some external God that rewards or punishes us for good and bad deeds, like Santa’s ‘naughty or nice list’ – or just acts in capricious, ‘mysterious’ ways beyond our control. On the contrary, a spiritual understanding of the Christian teaching ‘as you sow so shall you reap,’ the Buddhist teaching of karma, or the metaphysical law of attraction all suggest that there is no external power; it is the seeds we sow in our own heart and mind – the overall contents of our consciousness — that cause us to reap the rewards and punishment we experience. While this is a liberating truth and a great step up the evolutionary ladder, it can also be an overwhelming realization. If all the things we’ve thought, said, and done in the past are creating our present and, ultimately, our future, and it has taken us most of our life to get here — won’t it take the rest of our life to undo the messes we’ve created?! A lot of limited causes have been set in motion — how will we ever reverse all their effects?

Mercifully, there is a third level of understanding, a higher law – Grace – which says that no matter what has come before, no matter what you’ve set in motion, in a moment of Grace, you can wipe the slate clean. From this consciousness, your past does not determine your future — neither past mistakes nor past lives. Under the law of Grace, the ‘bad seeds’ you’ve sown are uprooted, the effects you’re struggling with lose their power; Cause & Effect, Karma – even Newtonian physics – which once operated as absolute, immutable laws and masters of your fate, become the servants of your destiny.

The relative nature of cause-and-effect has been proven through quantum physics in a mound of repeatable scientific experiments that include things like ‘Quantum Entanglement,’ a phenomenon where two or more objects, once linked together, remain connected and responsive to each other, even when they’re separated by vast expanses in space, or ‘Acausal Theory,’ which demonstrates how certain, seemingly-unconnected events are linked in meaningful, measurable ways with no linear, causal connection. Then there is the science behind ‘non-local healing,’ which has proven, through randomized, double-blind studies, the power of prayer to heal heart patients at a distance. In fact, some of these findings were so statistically significant that had they been drug trials for a new heart pill, it could have been FDA approved!

These, and other discoveries, are beginning to reveal how, rather than living in a linear, material world that reacts in a logical cause-and-effect fashion (as stated in Newton’s 3rd law of motion, which says that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction), we exist in an indivisible ‘Unified Field’ out of which all creation arises. On the surface, things appear separate and solid — and at that relative level, there appears to be cause and effect — but as we dive deeper, we discover that the ‘solid’ world is in fact completely made up of invisible energy and information; the atom, once believed to be the building block of all material reality is, in fact 99.999% empty space.

At this sub-atomic level, reality doesn’t operate the way it does at the material level. It’s not linear or bound by space and time. It is simultaneously everywhere (omnipresent), with a knowledge of everything (omniscient), and is the only power there is (omnipotent). In short, it could be described as an omni-active intelligence with infinite organizing power in a field of unbounded potentiality. That also happens to be how many mystics, prophets and, to some extent, religions have described God — and how many cutting-edge scientists are now describing what they call ‘consciousness.’

Rather than there being an inter-activity going on everywhere – the basis of cause and effect — there is an omni-activity. One Action. At the deepest level, Something is emerging – an Infinite Idea unfolding – and as it breaks into time and space, it appears as if things are interacting and causing other things to happen, but that’s a trick of the senses. As Einstein said, “Our separation from each other is an optical illusion of consciousness.” To use the analogy of actors in a play, we could ask the question: is it the character doing and saying things that causes the other character to do and say things – or is it the author’s script that causes it? Deeper still, is it the author’s underlying desire, intent, or message causing the script, which is then spontaneously re-presented by the actors? In other words, is all that we see out there on ‘earth stage’ really a bunch of separate actors making things happen in a cause-and-effect relationship, or is it the unfoldment of a Divine Author’s Intent, a Cosmic Play?

Here we arrive back at our central idea: inside the seed of you – indeed the seed of the whole world — there is a design for its fulfillment. Things are not unfolding by chance or happenstance, there is an underlying order or pattern that is already perfect – that is perfection Itself. The entire universe is rigged in your favor. To quote Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The dice of God are always loaded.”

And this is where Grace comes in.

Grace is the realization that no matter what appears on the surface of life, no matter what has come before, or what appears to be lost, when you tap back into this Perfect Pattern (we’ll talk about how to do this in Chapter Four), It will emerge again, fresh, vital, overflowing with new possibilities. Whereas the rules of cause-and-effect or karma say you’re destined to live out the effect of your previous causes – or past lives – the realization of Grace is that, in a ‘Holy Instant’ as the Course in Miracles calls it, your life can be made new and “…though your sins are as scarlet, they will be as white as snow.”

Furthermore, whereas the rules of cause-and-effect say you are limited by the causes you can personally set in motion at a human level, often determined by external conditions seemingly beyond your control, under the law of Grace all you have to do is touch this Perfect Pattern within you and It will emerge in the Field as whatever the next stage of your evolution is – not just moving you personally into right action, but literally moving heaven and earth to reveal your greater purpose. As my example about paying the rent demonstrated, it didn’t matter how much ‘month I had left at the end of my money,’ or my seeming lack of human solutions, the moment I connected with this Higher Self, It moved people and events beyond the limits of my personal self, and delivered what I needed right to my front door. A familiar bible passage in Isaiah sums up this all-powerful action of Grace: “Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low; and the uneven shall be made level, and the rough places a plain.”

As we delve more deeply into these insights, the more startling realization is that if we can effect this ‘Unified Field’ of quantum physics with our consciousness, and this Field is omnipresent and indivisible, then we must be It and It must be us. There can be no separate presence – no subject/object relationship – in an omnipresence. There can be no other consciousness outside of an infinite consciousness (omniscience). And there can be no other power outside of a field of all-power (omnipotence). Here, again, the deeper esoteric meaning behind two well known, but rarely understood, scriptural statements reveals itself — “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you” and “You are the Light of the world.” Yes, You are this Infinite Something that is everywhere-present, guiding, governing, and forever unfolding. Not the human ‘you’ — who was born, has a history, and will eventually dissolve back into dust — but the real You, the Self that is always emerging. This is the Pearl of Great Price all true religions, spiritual masters (and indirectly, quantum physics) are trying to teach, but which has often been obscured by a literal, materialistic interpretation.

With this understanding of your true Self and the power of Grace, as opposed to the potential slavery of a cause-and-effect-only belief system, you are no longer beholden to external power or authority; you are no longer a prisoner of past experience or present conditions. Combined with an understanding that you are not a limited, physical ‘person,’ but a field of energy and information in the larger quantum field — like a wave upon the ocean, never separate – you are now equipped with a bold new picture of how reality works. You can release the struggle of self-improvement, manifesting, and attracting, surrender to this deeper sense of harmony and order, and begin to consciously activate the Law of Emergence in powerful, life-changing ways.

(This is a multi-part discussion, so please read at least the part before so it all makes sense)

We have been born under a mistaken identity. And almost everything that we see, hear, and experience – almost everything produced by society – keeps us in the dark about who and what we truly are. The mistaken identity is that we are merely human beings, having an occasional spiritual experience; that we are born in sin, worms of the dust; that we are circumscribed by our personality, a product of our culture and family, conceived on a certain date, destined to die. But that’s a lie — the Father of Lies. And when we peel away the dogma and doctrine of all great spiritual teachings, we discover that they have been trying to wake us up from this illusion or Maya all along. ‘Sin,’ as it turns out, is not some demonic quality of our soul; it is an archery term that means ‘to miss the mark.’ The only ‘original sin’ we were born under is this false, limited belief about who we are.

The fact that this human self we perceive isn’t who we really are doesn’t mean it’s bad or that we should disregard it (like some extreme religious practices have erroneously concluded). This human incarnation is a magnificent thing, with the potential to reveal beauty, power, and greatness beyond our imagination. But it’s just a pale reflection of the truth. Every level of our experience – mental, emotional, physical — is a relative expression of an Infinite Perfection, an Eternal Self, forever unfolding in this timeless moment.

Our human self is like a great character in this ‘divine drama’ that we are acting out for the evolution of our soul; like a work of art we are painting on the canvas of our experience. We’re the Actor, not the character; the Painter, not the painting. The map is not the territory. The menu is not the meal. And this person you have come to identify with is not the Real You. Your true Self is ‘made in the image and likeness of God,’ eternal, immortal, changeless, and infinite, whereas your human self is always a relative, finite effect, made in the image and likeness of your ego, history, and the transitory world of changes that arise out of the Self and dissolve back into it, over and over, like a wave upon the ocean.

Everything you need for your total fulfillment is already within you, constituted as a part of this essential Self. And when you are more identified with It, all your needs will emerge without the effort and struggle so common to the human experience.

I remember the first time this principle became real for me. It was a trial by fire, an ‘initiation’, something we’re all called to walk through at a certain point – often many points — on the path of personal growth. An initiation is an experience that forces us to move beyond mere intellectual understanding or belief, and prove the truth of these principles we’re trying to live by – transforming our theoretical knowledge into working wisdom. During this period, I had quit acting, stopped watching TV or reading newspapers, and pretty much cloistered myself in my North Hollywood apartment, meditating, praying, and journaling about my inner journey. At a certain point, I had gone through my savings, had no work or any future prospects, and had exhausted all external means of support. I was basically left with nothing but my spiritual insights — literally living on a prayer. I was also, to be honest, pretty pissed off at God. I mean, here I was dedicating my life to a spiritual practice, trying to be a light in the world – and I couldn’t even pay my light bill!

So one day, after convincing my landlord to give me yet another extension on my rent – or ‘a stay of eviction’ as I like to call it — I sat in my meditation chair and laid down the gauntlet, saying in substance: “God, either there really is a true Self with everything it needs to fulfill its purpose, or this is all a bunch of bull (okay, that’s the PG version). Either way, I’m gonna find out today, because I’m not getting up until I have my answer!” And there I sat, and sat…as daylight turned dark and the choir of crickets began their nightly chorus. I meditated and prayed and beseeched and surrendered, trying to reconnect to this essential Self I had touched in my ‘brush with death’ experience, riding a rollercoaster of emotional turbulence with no end in sight. And at some point in the middle of the night, after wrestling with my demons and feeling pinned to the mat, there was a ‘click’ inside, like a pressure valve suddenly opening. My body drained of all anxiety, a peace washed over me — a warm inner sense of assurance that ‘all was well’ – and I crawled into bed and fell asleep.

For the next few days, I went about my business, actually forgetting that I even had a problem. When I did finally remember, “Oh, yeah, I have all these bills due and not a damn clue how to pay them,” there wasn’t the usual fear or frustration gripping me, but instead an inner feeling that things would be okay.

And then the phone rang.

It was my former acting agent, calling me with an audition. He said he knew I was ‘too spiritual’ to do commercials anymore, but a casting director had called ‘out of the blue’ requesting me. I immediately knew it was my answer, and accepted the audition. I booked the commercial. And in two days, I earned enough money to pay for a year’s worth of living expenses.

There are a few key elements to this experience that I want to highlight. First, I didn’t have any plan, I didn’t create a vision board, or visualize my outcome, I just reconnected to that part of me that was already whole, had a feeling of my innate completeness, then surrendered my control of the outcome. By making this connection, I cultivated the conditions in consciousness that allowed it to naturally emerge. Had I tried to visualize the outcome, I might have fantasized a variety of things, from getting a job as a spiritual teacher or writer (for which I was unqualified at the time), to winning the lottery or receiving an inheritance from a long lost uncle — but I never would have imagined my ex-agent calling me and booking a commercial, because that idea was outside of my known self as a ‘spiritual guy who doesn’t act anymore.’ Yet that turned out to be the quickest, most efficient, and probably the funnest, route to fulfill my needs.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t create a plan or use visualization and affirmations — all those tools have a place in cultivating the conscious conditions for your unfoldment (which we’ll address in Part Two). But in order to allow your greatest good to express in the most effective way, you must begin by turning away from your limited human self trapped in time, and turning within to this boundless, eternal Self. At first, as in my case, it might help you pay your rent and put a little more Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese on the table. In fact, meeting your basic survival needs is usually one of the initial results of making this connection. But the principle behind it has much more profound implications. The truth is, the realization of our essential Self on a mass scale, and the resulting activation of the Law of Emergence, would eventually put an end to crime, domestic violence, wars, poverty, hunger and, ultimately, every other form of lack, limitation, disease, and dysfunction. I know that’s a bold statement, but simple deductive reasoning reveals it’s validity. Once you know you’re already whole and everything you need is within you — including love, respect, validation, power, wealth, and health — what possible reason would you have for demanding it, fighting for it, or stealing it from someone else?

We spin our wheels trying to come up with solutions to all our social, political, personal and professional problems, creating new policies, more restrictive laws, bigger prisons, and more powerful weapons to ‘attack the issues’ – or just twisting ourselves into pretzels trying to solve things. But no matter what new invention, theory, or practice we create and engage in, if it doesn’t arise out of some degree of true Self-realization, out of an awareness of our innate wholeness and completeness, it will never create lasting peace, abundance, or fulfillment in our lives or on the planet. It can’t. Because we don’t get what we want, or even what we fight for and claim – we get who we are in consciousness. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s not personal, it’s The Law.

Besides these broader implications, an understanding of our true Self versus our human self is a primary component in the successful activation of the Law of Emergence. To the extent you identify with the part of you that is changing – the small self — you create resistance to the part of you emerging, much the way an acorn would if it was identified with its shell — or its roots, shoots, branches, and fruits. Everything visible is just an effect of something deeper, something invisible – the true Self forever unfolding. What’s more, as already suggested above, to the extent that you identify with the self that changes, the self that appears lacking, you come under the human laws of limitation and perpetuate them in your experience. This is, in a nutshell, what keeps us stuck and prevents our evolution. We keep trying to solve the problems created by the ‘small self’ and its distorted ideas – such as lack, separation, competition, self-preservation, war, and fear – using the same small-mind that created them. But as Einstein said, “You can never solve a problem on the level on which it is created.”

When, however, you become more identified with your changeless, boundless Self, you stay rooted in your core, even as your human incarnation and external world continue to change form and reveal your ever-expanding good. From this perspective, you no longer live from the level on which the problems were created. You step off the hamster wheel of the ‘business as usual’ mindset that keeps running around in circles wondering why it isn’t getting anywhere, or doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results (which, by the way, is one definition of insanity). You enter into a peace and fulfillment no longer dependent on external conditions, but supported and fueled by the whole universe. You become truly free, on a creative adventure that never ends.

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