(What follows are excerpts from my current book in development, “The Law of Emergence.” I would love your thoughts on these ideas.)

“More tears are shed over answered prayers than unanswered ones” — Mother Teresa

I once knew a guy who used the law of attraction to ‘attract’ a Mercedes into his life. “Wow, this stuff really works!” he declared, becoming an instant convert. Two weeks later he lamented that the Mercedes was in the shop – for the third time – and he had spent the last several days trying to pray his way out of the mess he had attracted himself into! The problem was that he manifested the Mercedes, but didn’t develop ‘Mercedes Consciousness.’ He changed the world outside but remained the same inside. This is a common limitation of many ‘New Age’ teachings, which are little more than just metaphysical versions of material practices; instead of using physical labor, they’re using mental and emotional labor. In one sense, it’s a step up – and a necessary step, as we’ll discuss later — but there is rarely much transformational value in it and, because it’s still based on a sense of being separate from the thing we want, it can be just as exhausting. Even some sincere ‘spiritual’ teachings, still rooted in a dualistic perception of life, teach followers to use this Great Power within to get more stuff ‘out there,’ which often leads to spiritual materialism and perpetuates the very problems they’re trying to heal.

Attraction or Emergence
When you use most traditional goal-achieving techniques, your desire is fulfilled at the level of your current self-image – including your limited perceptions, fears, and past traumas – which often causes you to create things that magnify your underlying issues rather than improve them. You manifest a new job, but end up with the same jerky boss, just wearing a different mask. You attract a new mate, but end up in the same fights. You earn more money, but your spending habits just increase with your income, making you broke at a higher level! In contrast, The Law of Emergence is about becoming (or rather ‘revealing’) more of who you truly are, unleashing your infinite, often imprisoned, potential.

There is never a danger of creating the wrong thing, because rather than trying to get something you think you’re missing – which is a reaction to a limited self-concept — the Law of Emergence cultivates the inner conditions that cause your next evolutionary stage to unfold organically, bringing with it everything needed for its fulfillment. Just as when the acorn allows its greater self to unfold, there’s no chance a cactus will appear, when you activate the Law of Emergence, only that which supports your highest potential can show up. If a Mercedes is what you need, that’s what you’ll get. But when you do, you’ll have the consciousness to enjoy and maintain it – and it’ll take you where you really need to go.

I’m not suggesting you do away with all your success strategies or manifestation methods, anymore than we did away with the wheel when we evolved from a horse and buggy to the automobile. We still use wheels, only now we’re not being pulled by something outside our vehicle — we’re being powered by the engine under our hood. In all sciences, as larger paradigms are discovered, they often include the older ones on some level. Likewise, the Law of Emergence contains the principles of planning, action, and attraction. But as you activate the Law of Emergence, you won’t have to ‘work’ these other laws, they’ll work all by themselves. As your awareness expands and you realize you’re already the Thing Itself, your process will become more about Self-realization and, as a byproduct, you’ll be compelled into right action and activate the law of attraction to manifest everything you need to achieve your full potential.

It’s also important to understand that Self-realization is not a straight line, it’s more like a helix that circles around on an upward spiral. We’re all at different developmental stages in various areas of our life, and you might still need to work with other personal growth strategies to stabilize your human structures. If you’re struggling to meet your basic monetary needs, you may need to apprentice under wealth, abundance, and financial responsibility until that area is strong enough that it doesn’t siphon off your energy. If you’re battling to maintain basic health, you may need a gym membership, a trainer, or a new diet so your physical issues don’t take you out of the game. This is true for relationships, career, mental and emotional well-being. If you’re dealing with deep-seated traumas, seeing a therapist, at least in the short term, is not a bad idea.

It all serves a purpose. The key is to not get stuck at any one level – to not get identified with any relative practice or condition — but to keep ascending higher. Because the Law of Emergence is about tapping into the Self that is already whole, complete, and infinite in scope, practicing this principle while you’re working in any of those areas will assure that you remain on the emerging edge no matter what conditions you find yourself in. For now, just consider that many of the ways you’ve learned to ‘manifest,’ ‘attract,’ or create your life are part of an old evolutionary paradigm — and be prepared for a quantum leap up the evolutionary ladder.

Stay tuned for the next section on “The Acorn Principle”…

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