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Traditional religion teaches us that we are at the whim of some external God that rewards or punishes us for good and bad deeds, like Santa’s ‘naughty or nice list’ – or just acts in capricious, ‘mysterious’ ways beyond our control. On the contrary, a spiritual understanding of the Christian teaching ‘as you sow so shall you reap,’ the Buddhist teaching of karma, or the metaphysical law of attraction all suggest that there is no external power; it is the seeds we sow in our own heart and mind – the overall contents of our consciousness — that cause us to reap the rewards and punishment we experience. While this is a liberating truth and a great step up the evolutionary ladder, it can also be an overwhelming realization. If all the things we’ve thought, said, and done in the past are creating our present and, ultimately, our future, and it has taken us most of our life to get here — won’t it take the rest of our life to undo the messes we’ve created?! A lot of limited causes have been set in motion — how will we ever reverse all their effects?

Mercifully, there is a third level of understanding, a higher law – Grace – which says that no matter what has come before, no matter what you’ve set in motion, in a moment of Grace, you can wipe the slate clean. From this consciousness, your past does not determine your future — neither past mistakes nor past lives. Under the law of Grace, the ‘bad seeds’ you’ve sown are uprooted, the effects you’re struggling with lose their power; Cause & Effect, Karma – even Newtonian physics – which once operated as absolute, immutable laws and masters of your fate, become the servants of your destiny.

The relative nature of cause-and-effect has been proven through quantum physics in a mound of repeatable scientific experiments that include things like ‘Quantum Entanglement,’ a phenomenon where two or more objects, once linked together, remain connected and responsive to each other, even when they’re separated by vast expanses in space, or ‘Acausal Theory,’ which demonstrates how certain, seemingly-unconnected events are linked in meaningful, measurable ways with no linear, causal connection. Then there is the science behind ‘non-local healing,’ which has proven, through randomized, double-blind studies, the power of prayer to heal heart patients at a distance. In fact, some of these findings were so statistically significant that had they been drug trials for a new heart pill, it could have been FDA approved!

These, and other discoveries, are beginning to reveal how, rather than living in a linear, material world that reacts in a logical cause-and-effect fashion (as stated in Newton’s 3rd law of motion, which says that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction), we exist in an indivisible ‘Unified Field’ out of which all creation arises. On the surface, things appear separate and solid — and at that relative level, there appears to be cause and effect — but as we dive deeper, we discover that the ‘solid’ world is in fact completely made up of invisible energy and information; the atom, once believed to be the building block of all material reality is, in fact 99.999% empty space.

At this sub-atomic level, reality doesn’t operate the way it does at the material level. It’s not linear or bound by space and time. It is simultaneously everywhere (omnipresent), with a knowledge of everything (omniscient), and is the only power there is (omnipotent). In short, it could be described as an omni-active intelligence with infinite organizing power in a field of unbounded potentiality. That also happens to be how many mystics, prophets and, to some extent, religions have described God — and how many cutting-edge scientists are now describing what they call ‘consciousness.’

Rather than there being an inter-activity going on everywhere – the basis of cause and effect — there is an omni-activity. One Action. At the deepest level, Something is emerging – an Infinite Idea unfolding – and as it breaks into time and space, it appears as if things are interacting and causing other things to happen, but that’s a trick of the senses. As Einstein said, “Our separation from each other is an optical illusion of consciousness.” To use the analogy of actors in a play, we could ask the question: is it the character doing and saying things that causes the other character to do and say things – or is it the author’s script that causes it? Deeper still, is it the author’s underlying desire, intent, or message causing the script, which is then spontaneously re-presented by the actors? In other words, is all that we see out there on ‘earth stage’ really a bunch of separate actors making things happen in a cause-and-effect relationship, or is it the unfoldment of a Divine Author’s Intent, a Cosmic Play?

Here we arrive back at our central idea: inside the seed of you – indeed the seed of the whole world — there is a design for its fulfillment. Things are not unfolding by chance or happenstance, there is an underlying order or pattern that is already perfect – that is perfection Itself. The entire universe is rigged in your favor. To quote Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The dice of God are always loaded.”

And this is where Grace comes in.

Grace is the realization that no matter what appears on the surface of life, no matter what has come before, or what appears to be lost, when you tap back into this Perfect Pattern (we’ll talk about how to do this in Chapter Four), It will emerge again, fresh, vital, overflowing with new possibilities. Whereas the rules of cause-and-effect or karma say you’re destined to live out the effect of your previous causes – or past lives – the realization of Grace is that, in a ‘Holy Instant’ as the Course in Miracles calls it, your life can be made new and “…though your sins are as scarlet, they will be as white as snow.”

Furthermore, whereas the rules of cause-and-effect say you are limited by the causes you can personally set in motion at a human level, often determined by external conditions seemingly beyond your control, under the law of Grace all you have to do is touch this Perfect Pattern within you and It will emerge in the Field as whatever the next stage of your evolution is – not just moving you personally into right action, but literally moving heaven and earth to reveal your greater purpose. As my example about paying the rent demonstrated, it didn’t matter how much ‘month I had left at the end of my money,’ or my seeming lack of human solutions, the moment I connected with this Higher Self, It moved people and events beyond the limits of my personal self, and delivered what I needed right to my front door. A familiar bible passage in Isaiah sums up this all-powerful action of Grace: “Every valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill shall be made low; and the uneven shall be made level, and the rough places a plain.”

As we delve more deeply into these insights, the more startling realization is that if we can effect this ‘Unified Field’ of quantum physics with our consciousness, and this Field is omnipresent and indivisible, then we must be It and It must be us. There can be no separate presence – no subject/object relationship – in an omnipresence. There can be no other consciousness outside of an infinite consciousness (omniscience). And there can be no other power outside of a field of all-power (omnipotence). Here, again, the deeper esoteric meaning behind two well known, but rarely understood, scriptural statements reveals itself — “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you” and “You are the Light of the world.” Yes, You are this Infinite Something that is everywhere-present, guiding, governing, and forever unfolding. Not the human ‘you’ — who was born, has a history, and will eventually dissolve back into dust — but the real You, the Self that is always emerging. This is the Pearl of Great Price all true religions, spiritual masters (and indirectly, quantum physics) are trying to teach, but which has often been obscured by a literal, materialistic interpretation.

With this understanding of your true Self and the power of Grace, as opposed to the potential slavery of a cause-and-effect-only belief system, you are no longer beholden to external power or authority; you are no longer a prisoner of past experience or present conditions. Combined with an understanding that you are not a limited, physical ‘person,’ but a field of energy and information in the larger quantum field — like a wave upon the ocean, never separate – you are now equipped with a bold new picture of how reality works. You can release the struggle of self-improvement, manifesting, and attracting, surrender to this deeper sense of harmony and order, and begin to consciously activate the Law of Emergence in powerful, life-changing ways.