It’s interesting to contemplate the question, “Who were you before your parents were born?” Then to ask “where do my current values, desires, goals come from?”

Are they from your parents, schooling, society, or do they come from that pure, unconditional place within you? Are they a reaction to a limited sense of self?

Perhaps somewhere along the way, you bought into a belief that you were lacking in some way, or that the world was, and out of that sense of lack, low self-esteem, or fear, you adopted a value system to cope with it, adapt to it, cover it up, or fill up the seeming hole. It wasn’t your real value system, but a defense structure built over it to deal with your experience of the world. And you’ve been living from that ever since.

I’ve discovered over the last year that many of my values weren’t really mine, but were inherited from family and society; that when I got really still and clear, and created a gap between the beliefs and stories in my mind that I had identified with versus the Self behind or before those beliefs and stories, the values of materialism, acquisition, worldly success, etc. were actually added onto me from my upbringing and weren’t really intrinsic.

It was out of my experience of lack, which created a belief that I was missing something, that I developed the value of ‘getting more stuff’. It was out of my experience of pain, which developed self-esteem issues, that I adopted a value of achieving to increase my sense of self (a self that was actually fine already).

The truth, however, is that who you really are is already whole, complete, and perfect before you arrive here. Just as the acorn doesn’t come here to achieve an oak tree or self-improve its way to oak-hood (because it knows it’s already the oak!), you’re not here to add something to yourself, fix yourself, or even to improve yourself — you’re here to discover and reveal the infinite, eternal Self that you already are — that perfect Idea held in the Mind of Universal Intelligence.

As a scriptural passage says, “Be ye not conformed to the world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Our daily experiences and challenges offer us opportunities to purify our mind and heart, to let go of the false concepts and limited beliefs, so that who and what we really are can emerge.

Just as Michelangelo saw the completed David as already existing in the block of marble, then chipped away everything that wasn’t it, we are called to recognize the completed masterpiece that is our life, hidden in this block of mortal stone, then let go of everything that isn’t it — including all the beliefs and values and ideas we’ve adopted from society that aren’t deeply true for us.

Give it a look, and let me know what you find.

Stay Inspired!


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