I had a powerful insight tonight that I just had to share. I was grappling with some ‘problems’ in my life as I sat in meditation, when all of a sudden the thought bubbled up — ‘you have no problems’ — and with it there was this sudden shift of perspective. Whereas before the shift, I was identified with my ego/personality and focused on the problem and how to solve it, in the next instant I was more identified with the Self that is infinite and eternal, of which the ego is but a relative expression.

And from that perspective, all that existed, all that I was, was an infinite perfect idea of wholeness, abundance, aliveness, creativity, etc. And the ‘problems’ were nothing but the relative beliefs/concepts about my life and the world. In other words, I was the Oak and the so-called problems were the acorn shell. And what were perceived as problems were just the acorn shell cracking as my larger oak-ness emerged, and the extent to which I was holding onto the limited acorn-identity.

All seeming problems are just symptoms of the larger You trying to emerge. They’re the baby kicking inside the womb, the morning sickness, the labor pains — all of which aren’t problems but signs of something trying to be born, and the necessary changes that make you an instrument through which it can come through. From this larger perspective then, the ‘practice’ is to take our attention away from the so-called problems and begin to contemplate, appreciate, and prepare the way for this momentous occassion.

We can’t solve our problems, and we don’t need to, anymore than the oak needs to solve the problem of the cracking — and ultimately dying — acorn shell. Instead, our full attention is being called to focus on and identify with the larger Self seeking to emerge. As we do, problems aren’t solved, they’re dissolved as we evolve. We stop asking ‘what’s wrong?’ ‘how can I fix/solve this?’ and instead ask ‘what new, larger expression of Me is trying to emerge?’ ‘How can I more fully let/allow this larger Self, this Greater Good to emerge through and as me?’

If you ask ‘what’s wrong?’ you’ll get all kinds of answers that tap you back into the smaller, limited, outdated self, and keep you stuck in that small perception and limited experience — until the pain of the larger Self emerging forces you to let go one way or another, usually through suffering. But if you ask what’s trying to emerge and how can you allow it, you’ll let go of the resistance, become a larger space, and watch as your life is expanded to reveal more and more of your greater potential.

From now on, whenever you’re confronted with a seeming-problem, ask what new/greater dimension of you is trying to emerge and how you can more fully allow it. Affirm to yourself, “I have no problems. All problems are symptoms of my larger Self trying to emerge. I keep my attention on the good unfolding within me and say ‘yes! Bring it on!’

To Your Emergence!


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