I want to encourage you to take advantage of the wave of
energy that sweeps across the country — and even the world —
during these holidays (holy days), starting with the American
holiday of Thanksgiving.

Whether you celebrate it or not, it’s always a good time to become
more aware of what you’re grateful for, to count your blessings,
and to offer thanksgiving for everything in your life.

This isn’t just a nice thing to do, it’s a powerful practice that
can radically transform your life on every level. The reason is that
what you appreciate…appreciates. What you give thanks for expands.

There’s a scriptural statement that says, “To he who has, more shall
be given, and to he who has not, even that which he has shall be
taken away.”

This is a powerful mystical truth that recognizes the fact that
what we put our attention on, expands. Energy flows where our
attention goes. So if we’re focusing on what is lacking, we will
actually create more experience of ‘lacking’ — because that’s
what we’re focusing on.

But if we focus on being grateful for what we ‘have’, even if it’s
seemingly insignificant, we will manifest more ‘having’. When we’re
grateful, we create more experiences to be grateful for. It’s just
the way the law of mind works.

What’s also important to understand, from the perspective of the
Law of Emergence, is that gratitude is one of the most powerful
conditions to create for our greater emergence. When you live in a
state of gratitude, you create the fertile conditions for your
greater potential to unfold, because you literally become the kind
of person you would be if that potential came true.

So I encourage you to take some time this week to make a few lists:

1. I am grateful for…

Start back as far as you can remember, and catalog everything you
are grateful for. If you’re really courageous, I encourage you to
look even at those so-called bad experiences in the past to see
how they led to ‘good’ things in the present. That will not only
increase your gratitude, but powerfully accelerate your evolution.

2. I have…

List everything, inside and out, that you have of value. It could
be, “I have some gratitude right now,” “I have 10 dollars in my
wallet,” “I have intelligence,” “I have a roof over my head,” “I
have talent as XYZ.” When you run out of things to list, write 10

3. I’m capable of / I can…

In the pursuit of our dreams, we so often focus on what we’re not
capable of, or what we can’t do…as if that will somehow help us
improve — but it usually keeps us stuck. Instead, take time to
focus on all the things you ARE capable of and CAN do in the
direction of your goals and dreams — no matter how small. And
then do them! You will be amazed at what shows up next.

4. Successes / Achievements…

Starting as far back as you can, list all the things you’ve
achieved and were successful at. Then each day, write a list of
at least 10 things you achieved or succeeded at. It can be as simple
as “I got out of bed,” or “I brushed my teeth.”


I call these the Night Pages, and encourage you to make a practice
of journaling on each of these topics every night before bed. As
this new way of thinking and feeling becomes integrated and
embodied, it will transform your life — guaranteed.

If you haven’t already gotten a copy of my book, “There’s No
Business Like Soul Business,”
I go into even more detail on this
process. You can get the book now as an ebook here.

Either way, if you just do what I’ve listed here, you’ll be well
on your way to making every day a thanksgiving holiday.

Until next time, Stay Inspired!