This could be the best holiday of your life.

The holidays are such an interesting time. On one hand, they have
the potential for the most meaningful and miraculous moments…

…and on the other hand, they can be the most crazy-making, hectic,
painful, and downright depressing time of the year!

But one thing is for certain. For most people, they are not neutral.
These times are potent with power —

The power to pull us deeper.
The power to open our heart wider.
The power to take our Spirit higher.

So don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your life, to
let go of the old, and to welcome in something new, something more.

The esoteric meaning of Christmas is the Christ mass, or the mass
celebration of the Christ.

But the Christ isn’t a person, it’s a Power. A power within each
and every one of us.

It’s the same power that Buddha discovered, the same power that
Lao-tse discovered. The same power all the great mystics have known.

It’s even the same power that the greatest artists, inventors and
leaders have tapped into to transform our world.

And it tends to be more available at this time, because of all the
focus on it — which means that you have an opportunity here.

While many others are fretting about last-minute shopping and
worrying about not blowing their diets, or fighting with family…

…you can set an intention to connect with this power within you.

It doesn’t matter what you call it — just call it your Higher Self.
The key is to call it forth as the activity of your life.

Make a commitment this season to let go and let this awesome power
of love, life, and creativity live your life completely!

Make a commitment this season to let the past go, let all the
mistakes go, forgive everyone and everything and let it go!

And let your highest Self, your greatest Self, the Self that came
to fulfill a mighty purpose — be born in the manger of your soul.

It doesn’t matter what’s happened before. It doesn’t matter what
the world has said about you, or about what’s possible…

Right now in this moment, and through this holy-day season, you
can begin again. You can make all things new.

You can start living the life you were born for.

This isn’t merely some sweet sentiment, this is the Truth about you.

I encourage you to take some quiet time during these last days of
the year, and reflect on what has been…and what is yet to come.

For all the areas where you have seen challenge, ask for the gift,
the message, the lesson, or the blessing in it.

For all the areas where you’ve experienced opportunity and good,
count your blessings and be grateful.

For all the people who seem to have done you wrong, be willing to
forgive them — for they were only believing their limited thoughts.

For all the ways in which you seem to have done others wrong,
forgive yourself — for you were believing your thoughts too.

Give thanks for your whole year, and open up to the New Year.

Ask that Power within: “What is the highest vision for my life in
general, and in the New Year? What’s trying to emerge through me?”

And listen deeply.

Then ask: “What talents, gifts, and abilities do I already have to
fulfill the great vision for my life?”

And listen patiently.

Finally ask: “How must I change, what must I release, embrace, or
become in consciousness to be a place where this vision can emerge?”

And listen lovingly.

Then write down your vision. Create a plan. And resolve to move in
the direction of your dreams like never before.

Thank you for being you, and for being part of this community.

Have a wonder-filled holiday season!

Peace & Blessings,