Self-Improvement is an oxymoron. The Self, when truly understood, is already perfect. Just as the acorn contains the oak, the Self has everything it needs to fulfill its higher purpose. And when the inner conditions are right, it naturally emerges. Bigger, better, and more abundantly than we can imagine.

This isn’t hyperbole, it’s law.

The Law of Emergence

And practicing it enables us to live on the ’emerging edge’, where our greatest potential can unfold in every area of our personal and professional life.

In this upcoming course, Derek will show you how to tap into this seed of greatness within you and create the inner and outer conditions for it to grow beyond what you ever thought possible!

If you are interested in attending my workshops on The Law of Emergence, here are the following dates:

The Law of Emergence – online workshop (September 2009)

The Law of Emergence – Live, Agape International Spiritual Center (Michael Beckwith, Founder) (Winter 2009/10)

The Law of Emergence – Live, Center for Conscious Creativity (Winder 2009)

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